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  • Capital District's #1 Haunted Attraction
  • Creating Fear for 22 years
  • Reserve your Ride Today

Scary Harry

Haunted HayrideThe StockyardDarkwoods AcademyLast InnClown CarnevilSchadenfreude Circus

The Capital District's #1 Haunted Attraction

We've expanded for 2014! For 24 years, the Double M Haunted Hayrides have been terrifying those who are brave enough to venture into the eerie woods at the Double M property located just outside of Malta, NY.

Scary Harry, the resident ghost cowboy of Double M, has a horrifying experience awaiting you yet again this year. Your journey will begin with a true Haunted Hayride on a tractor-drawn wagon, winding through the dark woods that are rumored to be filled with spirits and creatures of unimaginable beings. Each and every corner brings certain evil. If you are lucky enough, you may just make it to the end of the trail.

However, your journey does not end when the wagon comes to a stop. On the contrary, it has just begun. Those who made it this far will exit the wagon and enter our newest attraction, The Stockyard. Here, a truly evil being known as "The Beast" leads a herd of human-like animals on a quest to conquer the human race. The tables have turned, and humans are now the prey.

If "The Beast" and his animal warriors don't conquer you, your next stop will be even more dangerous. The school grounds at Darkwoods Academy have been overrun by an infection, leading to an all-out zombie outbreak. Walkers are everywhere and there is no safe haven. Whatever you do, don't let the zombies bite you.

Beyond Darkwoods Academy is the Last Inn, a residence that is known for a disappearing guest or two. The innkeeper is dangerously insane and has turned this once pleasant home-away-from-home into a maze of horror. Once you check in, their is no guarantee of your safe checking out. Whatever you do, don't be the last in to the Last Inn.

The last leg of your journey takes fear to a whole different level. Clown Carnevil is a terrifying mix of creepy clowns and disorienting strobe lights. Good luck navigating the halls of this structure. If you manage to find your way, just hope the clowns don't find you!

The fun continues in our waiting area with The Schadenfreude Circus, a side show that is sure to impress you and probably freak you out. Be dazzled (and perhaps grossed out) by sword swallowing, hammering nails into the human body, and so much more.

Reserve your ride now by calling (518) 884-9122.