Welcome to the Capital District’s #1 Haunted Attraction!

Double M Haunted Hayrides has been creating fear for over 30 years in Upstate New York! We are the Capital District’s only haunted hayride and one of the longest running haunted hayrides in New York!

Scary Harry, the iconic ghost cowboy of Double M, has a horrifying experience awaiting you yet again this year. Your journey will begin with a true Haunted Hayride on a tractor-drawn wagon, winding through the dark woods that are rumored to be filled with spirits and creatures of unimaginable beings. At the conclusion of the hayride, your journey will continue on foot into Brutality, a post-apocalyptic compound. If you escape Brutality, the sinister Blood Moon Farm awaits you – watch for what lurks among the rows. Next up is The Last Inn, a residence that is known for a disappearing guest or two and a vicious staff. Then enter the land where every holiday is cursed – Fear All Year. Your final destination is Slaughter Swamp, a dangerous environment straight out of the bayou. The screams continue in the midway area with our interactive Feartainment.

We are waiting for you! Buy tickets now! Or call (518) 884-9122 to make reservations!